To brief a graphic designer to create a LinkedIn carousel post for a company page, you should provide them with the following information:

1. What's the goal for the carousel post (i.e. increase followers, increase engagement likes, shares, comments etc.)
2. Will the carousel post be on behalf of a person or company (personal vs company brand)
3. What content/copy do you want on each slide, for example:
• Title Slide: Title slide, add a visual of XYZ, XYZ copy
• Slide 2: Headline, body text
• Slide 3: Headline, body text (show image of XYZ)
• CTA slide

Pro Tip: It's always good to include examples for inspiration. You can share links to carousel post designs you already like. 

LinkedIn carousel posts best practices

LinkedIn had some algorithm changes in 2022, and here are the current best practices:

  • The ideal slide length should be more than four and less than 11
  • Keep the minimum words per slide to below 60
  • The first slide's job is to capture attention; it should have a solid visual and less than 15 words.
  • The CTA on the last slide should be non-commercial and focused on engagement.
  • LinkedIn recommends adding a picture of yourself to document posts, especially when posting on personal accounts

Essential notes on engagement

  1. Please make sure you accompany the slides with engaging text in your status update (max 2,000 characters)
  2. Use 2-4 hashtags in the status update.
  3. After receiving 3-5 comments from others, tag accelerators in your space, but make sure they engage as well.
  4. You can also create a personal hashtag.
  5. Remember, the growth of your post in the first 8 hours after publishing is based on the engagement in the first 90 minutes after publishing.
  6. Feel free to share the link with us here, so we can check it out when it's live.
  7. Don't post two carousel posts within 18 hours, as it can hurt the reach for both posts.