Trust the Designer

Bad exampleCan you add a shadow to that box, make this green & also add a line?

Good example: Right now, I'm having a hard time focusing on this section, can we emphasise it more?

Be Specific

Bad exampleThis is not what I wanted, I hate it!

Good example: I'm not sure the photos you're using in that hero are going to work. We need something to appeal to a younger audience.

Make it about your audience, not yourself

Bad exampleBlue is my least favourite color. Let's remove it completely from the design.

Good example: Our company operates in the medical sector. Using a blue color will make them feel in good hands & safe.

Give examples

Bad exampleDo you think that the box would look better with an icon in it?

Good example: I'm attaching a link to an ad which I really like. They use icons in a really interesting way.

Consolidate your feedback

Bad exampleThis design is pretty awful.

Good example: Thank you for all the hard work you're doing. We really like this version, but would like to see something different.