1. Type of landing page design:
    1. New design based on mockups/wireframes -  you already have the desired structure
    2. New designs from scratch - you don't have any mockups or wireframes and you wish to create a landing page design from scratch
    3. Landing page redesign/refresh - you already have an older version of the landing page, you just wish to improve the concept
  2. Tools:
    1. Figma
    2. Sketch
    3. Let my designer choose
  3. Define the purpose of the landing page:
    1. What is it that you want to obtain? Sales, raise awareness, promote a product or service
    2. What feelings & associations do you want to evoke?
    3. Functional and emotional benefits? What problems do you solve?
  4. Define the content:
    1. Heading
    2. Body text
    3. Call to action
    4. Benefits
  5. What form of questions do you want?
    (Pro Tip: Keep the form short, email address and first names are often enough)
  6. Design Inspiration:
    1. Similar concepts you like
    2. Upload files as attachments