1. What's your mission & vision?
  2. What's your brand's personality and tone of voice
  3. Logo guidelines and variations
    1. Size and proportions
    2. Safe space
    3. Colours
    4. Wrong use / don'ts
  4. Colour scheme
    1. Pantone (name and number)
    2. Print colours (CMYK)
    3. Digital colours (RGB and HEX codes)
  5. Fonts & Typography
    1. Typeface (set the rules for headlines, body text, captions etc.)
    2. Alignment
    3. Spacing (tracking and kerning ratios for consistency)
  6. Imagery
    1. Stock pictures (the type of stock images associated with your brand)
    2. Icons & illustration styles (realistic, comic, isometric, line art, etc.)
    3. Filters & overlays (specify the exact style, tone and opacity)
  7. What size should your brand guidelines be?
    (e.g. A4, Landscape, Portrait)