Design Buffs is a unique creatives-as-a-subscription service tailored for product, marketing, and creative teams in growing B2B software and SaaS companies. We understand the challenges of scaling businesses and offer a flexible solution to meet your creative needs.

With Design Buffs, you gain access to a modular team of talented creatives who are ready to tackle your projects. Say goodbye to chasing deadlines or designers—we're here to support you month-by-month without needing upfront commitments. Our subscription model allows you to scale your plan based on your specific demands, ensuring you always have the right level of creative support.

Our platform simplifies the entire creative process. Plan and execute your campaigns effortlessly, request designs, and receive prompt deliveries. We even offer seamless integration with Slack, enabling smooth collaboration within your workspace.

Here's how we can support your brand:

  • Graphic Design: We create impactful visuals for presentations, brochures, sales decks, infographics, blog headers, LinkedIn ads, team swag, and more.
  • Illustrations: Our team crafts custom-made and hand-drawn illustrations for landing pages, hero images, and infographics.
  • UI Design: We specialize in designing eye-catching landing pages, marketing sites and refreshing existing designs.
  • Motion Design: Elevate your brand with sales videos, exhibition stand videos, animated presentations, illustrations, and motion ads.
  • Webflow Development: Our expertise extends to Webflow development, providing dynamic and engaging web experiences.

If you're ready to learn more and explore how Design Buffs can enhance your creative endeavours, schedule a call with us today. We're excited to discuss your unique requirements and provide solutions that propel your brand forward.

Thank you for considering Design Buffs as your trusted creative partner!