What if my designer is ill or absent?


By Carsten Pleiser

updated 5 months ago

That is another benefit of working with Design Buffs. 

If your designer is ill or absent, they will report to our Customer Success manager who will then get in touch with you to see if there's anything urgent. Otherwise, the designer can make up their hours at a later date when they return. We always prefer the hours be made up if possible, but understand there are times when you need more urgent help and your developer might be sick or absent.

If your designer is ever ill or misses a day of work, it is not required to get a replacement. If your workload is light, you can simply let your designer have the day off if you choose. Or, if you do not want a replacement your designer can always work out a schedule to make up the missed hours over the next couple of days.

Either way, we're always here to help and support you in these scenarios. If your designer is not reporting in for you today and you need something from them, please contact us via Slack or email at hello@designbuffs.com so we can get this sorted for you right away.

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